Meet the Interns – Part 1 and how to store those veggies!

Happy Solstice!
We are fortunate enough to have two amazing interns this summer at the Wily Carrot.  Marissa came all the way from upstate New York after recently graduating from Marist College.   She’ll be working on the farm for two months before heading to graduate school for soil science.  She wanted to get hands-on experience on a working  (and incredibly awesome) farm to better understand how food is grown before starting grad school.  She’s only been here two weeks, but she’s already skied in the La Platas, boated the Dolores and hiked in Canyonlands.  She’ll also be running the Mancos half marathon this Saturday, with myself and our other intern Roger.Marissa has been a huge help on the farm and immediately jumped in to help with planting, harvesting, weeding, building irrigation…everything really.  Most importantly, she makes a killer quinoa veggie stir-fry.
Your bounty for this week includes:
Lettuce Mix

Baby Beet Bottoms – see recipe below
Rainbow Carrots
Garlic Scapes, see recipe below
Bok Choy
Oregano – Fresh from Kestrel Farm, see recipe below
As always, if you have any questions or concerns we are always available at or (970) 387-8486.

With dedication,
Kellie Pettyjohn

Happy Solstice!  What a beautiful way to start off the longest day of the year.

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