The Mancos Valley CSA at the Wily Carrot

Now Certified Organic!


The Mancos Valley CSA at the Wily Carrot Farm will be kicking off its third year of growing fresh vegetables for our neighbors in 2018.  Our CSA has filled up for the past two years, so if you’re interested please fill out the information below and we will respond to you as soon as we can

Our CSA offers over thirty varieties of fresh, Certified Organic vegetables from June through October.  Every week, we provide you a healthy mix of greens, roots, brassicas and other delicious vegetables that are harvested within a day of pick-up.  In the Spring, your share will have tender garlic shoots, baby spinach and other early crops.  By summertime, you should expect heirloom tomatoes, fresh green beans, crisp bell peppers and other hot weather crops.  As we head into fall, our cooler crops will come in, like broccoli, potatoes and onions.

The Wily Carrot is Certified Organic and dedicated to using sustainable growing practices.  This ensures not only fresh healthy produce but improves our soil health year after year.


To sign up for our CSA fill out the form below and we will contact you for details. Once this is received we take payment and sign you up for our weekly newsletter. The newsletter not only lets you know what is going to be available that week but also includes tips and recipes for your vegetables.


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